Why Participate

Iraq is on the verge of a huge boom in infrastructure redevelopment, spurred by massively increased oil production and an abundance of natural resources. The country’s banking and financial services, like other areas of the economy, are preparing themselves for the unprecedented wave of projects and financing opportunities that are set to emerge.

However, challenges remain. Many of Iraq’s banks are still unable to provide the long-term financing necessary for infrastructure redevelopment. In addition, several foreign commercial banks are uncomfortable with Iraq’s high risk profile, while a number of well-developed projects still do not have a balanced risk allocation that is acceptable to foreign lenders.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Understand Iraq’s financial and banking needs and the major opportunities for investment and partnership.
  2. Hear what reforms have been carried out since 2012 to boost project lending and kick-start consumer finance.
  3. Gain direct exposure to senior representatives from several government organisations including the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Iraq, National Investment Commission.
  4. Identify projects that require immediate financing, and mechanisms for developing specific risk allocations to suit circumstances on the ground in Iraq.
  5. Hear regional experts and C-level executives present their long and short term financing strategies for Iraq.

Key Topics

  1. Financing Iraq’s infrastructure and energy projects: discussing source of finance and the availability of funding.
  2. Global leaders entering Iraq- how will investment banking giants Citi, JP Morgan, and Standard Chartered alter the financing landscape?
  3. Strategies of the CBI and other Iraqi government organisations for Iraq’s banking and financial services industry.
  4. Setting the scene for future IPOs: what precedent does the Asiacell listing give for future listings? What incentives are required to encourage Iraqi companies to list on the Exchange?
  5. Financing opportunities for the private sector: sources and availability of consumer finance.
  6. Reforms needed for Iraq’s banks and updates on the restructuring of Rasheed and Rafidain.